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Brella provides an autonomous end-to-end service, with real-time visibility of goods in transit to enable critical decision making & enhance efficiency

Using deep-tech tracking & sensing devices, as well as a data driven open standard platform, customers are able to accurately monitor the conditions of their cargo & receive valuable & actionable real-time insights during transit, which over time will also deliver predictive analysis.


Our advanced patented technologies & business solutions reduce costs & waste & creates a predictive environment for future journeys

Brella has developed technologies that are both unique (patent pending) & critical to real-time decision making for logistics supply chains.

The brella flywheel delivers reciprocal value & revenues to all parts of the business


Our products & services combine a number of technologies in an integrated manner to deliver maximum benefits to the exporter. A mixture of IoT devices, wireless networks, big data & AI analytics are combined to provide in depth knowledge & unparalleled tracking & sensing capabilities.

Our devices: the only device that carries over 20 sensors, providing far more information on the container & its cargo than any other device in the world.


Monitoring: Tracking containers & their contents in real-time with an array of sensors & receiving alerts when something goes wrong or is about to happen.   


Big data/ Machine Learning: Brella stores all events so as to build a knowledge base that provide supply chain control & transparency. 


Deep-tech tracking

& sensor fusion

Brella’s devices are the most advanced monitoring devices in the  world. No other has a device that comes with over 20 sensors - we call this our massive sensor array. With so many sensors to collect data  we are able to verify that the data is correct & enhance the event recognition for our customers. This data is analysed in real-time by Our sensor fusion engine.

Our devices can also connect to a further 255 devices in the container. We call this our container area network.


The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Massive Sensor Array

Our massive sensor array has over 20 built in sensors. They are used to detect events, measure the environment & reduce errors. Our competition has c 5 sensors. Our platform can also add another 255 devices externally.



One of the greatest challenges we had was how to get the data we collect from within the container to the outside world without drilling holes in the container (as many others do) which would reduce time & costs dramatically. A closed steel container is a faraday cage & that severely limits any data communications signals. So we built it in such a way where there are no installation requirements, no drilling & lots of time & cost savings! We built special technology within our devices & we developed special algorithms to overcome these limitations. And we applied for a patent on this innovation.

Conforming to UN standards

The industry needed a standard. Until 2019 there were no standards & so carriers & other logistics suppliers adopted internal standards. This created a very fragmented environment that is impossible to navigate. Until 2019 when the dCsa & the un came together to publish a standard for communicating to backend systems. Brella will comply with this standard & deliver our information as required to all our customers in real-time. Brella leads in the amount of data we collect to build a complete profile of every journey.

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