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We’re building a company that can innovate & thrive within a constantly changing industry

Brella focuses on disruption & disintermediation across all standards of the supply chain industry – investing in technology, forming business partnerships, breaking down old business models, & in doing so, delivering significantly increased value to our customers & shareholders

Brella provides an autonomous end-to-end service, with real-time visibility of goods in transit to enable critical decision making & enhance efficiency

Using a deep-tech tracking & sensing deviceS, as well as a data driven open standard platform, customers are able to accurately monitor the conditions of their cargo & receive valuable & actionable real-time insights during transit, which over time will also deliver predictive analysis

Our advanced patented technologies & business solutions reduce costs & waste & creates a predictive environment for future journeys

Brella has developed technologies that are both unique (patent pending) & critical to real-time decision making for logistics supply chains.

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